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Tue Feb 18 20:51:24 PST 2003

On Wed the 19 Feb 2003 at 12 hours EST
SB wrote...
>What are other people's impressions of it?

I wish I could form an impression.  I had a horrible time
compiling it.  I decided to put gnome in /opt/gnome.  Problem
was, my pkgconfig was in /usr/local.  pkgconfig would never read
the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH if set in my .bashrc.

So, I had to set it by hand every time.  According to man pkgconfig,
PKG_CONFIG_PATH adds a directory to the search path.  Bull.  It
specifies the search path.  There is PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR which
specifies _only_ to search in that directory, so this is a bug
with handling of PKG_CONFIG_PATH.  I wrote the author, he doesn't

Next, I tried to get the base stuff in.  Several base packages
wouldn't install their *.pc files, or even create them.  Then
packages later would require the presence of the *.pc files.
*.pc == pkg-config files.

It was a mess.  I reported the problem to the GNOME bugzilla,
and the developers just closed the bugs.  They said,
"This is a packaging problem, so I won't touch it.  You
can contact the packaging people, but I don'think the list
is active anymore."  One guy told me, "Just use packages
from your package maintainer like everyone else."  Nice.

So in the end, I scrapped the whole thing.  I've compiled
more than 300 packages in the last four weeks or so.  Other
than the usual compile failures, I've had few, if any, problems.
But GNOME, however, I feel like an idiot trying to do the compile.

I'm also find the attitudes of the GNOME people a little
arrogant.  It seems they don't want people compiling their
sources anymore, but would rather everyone use precompiled

Ok, there's my rant.  I'm GNOMEless, but nonetheworse.

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