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Mon Feb 17 17:20:17 PST 2003

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> On top of that, I know he mentioned that this would be for
> his wife, and I instantly assumed that she'd be using Windows.  My
> apologies...perhaps I'm a sexist pig....The consumer models have a
> tendacy to load up a bunch of useless monitoring and addon software
> shipped with Windows.  I personally spend way too much time
> this bulk when friends and family buy these things.

LOL - no offence taken.  Her fondness for Windows / aversion to Linux is
part of the reason why I want to get her a laptop anyway - it'll leave
me free to do what I want with my box!  As for the additional software
you mentioned, I'm well aware of the types of stuff they shove on
(including "hidden" recovery partitions eating up gigs of hard disk
space).  Thanks very much for all of your advice, all of which has been
enlightening.  I'll have a look round when I get some time - I might
just find one on the side of the road although my luck never seems to be
as good as Ian's in that respect! :)

Thanks again,


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