LFS ruined my hard drive??:(

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at eos.sunderland.ac.uk
Sun Feb 16 08:07:52 PST 2003

Andrius Ciziunas" <andrius at tamos.net> wrote in message
news:Pine.LNX.4.51.0302161032090.19294 at grue.tamos.net...
> > d) If you're hard drive can't pass the LFS test then it's time you
got a
> > better hard drive anyway.
> Lol;>....Well, it is a laptop, after all...And, since IBM's
> replacing it, it might be just age.  Who knows, but are there any
> suggestions on minimizing wear and tear?  A suggestion on a journalled
> filesystem for example??

Well for starters could you give us the model number for that IBM drive
(and the one you're getting as replacement) - that might just be the
problem.  IBM had major issues with certain models of HDD.  As far as
journalling filesystems go my only recommendation is "get one".  You'll
note I didn't specify which one - it gets a little bit like text
editor/bootloader religion.  I personally use XFS and have had no issues
with it (that doesn't mean to say there aren't any).  Others use ext3
(the journalling version of ext2), and yet others prefer ReiserFS.
There's also the cunningly named JFS (Journalling File System), although
I'm don't know how widespread its use is.  A google search may well give
you specific information that could sway your decision, along with
various benchmarks - though how useful such measures are I'm not sure.

Sorry for being so vague.


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