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Fri Feb 14 17:41:23 PST 2003

At around Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 01:31:40PM +0100, Miguel Bazdresch constructed the following notation:
> > A finite state machine is one which can exists in a number of finite
> > states with or without input. Using these states (with a designated
> > starting state), an input alphabet and a transition function (which
> > assigned a new state to the machine for every input and state pair),
> > this machine can recognise regular languages sets.
> You're right, that's indeed a problem a finite state machine can't
> handle. Thanks for taking the time to explain it :)

Not a problem! :) Gave me something different to do while I was waiting
for a few bits of compile. Anyway, bit of revision never hurt anyone! :D

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