Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Fri Feb 14 15:43:03 PST 2003


Well, *once again* sorry for being very late. I hear ping problems were
bad, which isnt a surprise since gnutella was running at the time.

Not having my PDA is my excuse (unlike last time when I somehow forgto
anyhow...). No, I havent broken it, its just being sent back because of
a couple of manufacturing defects.

Problem compounded by me breaking X and forgetting to fix it in time,

Hopefully, next week, We'll have a brand new server, and, better still,
I might have my PDA back to remind me to actually join the damn game.

I was on, but it was late, so only devine and ikari were left
(die-hards), so I kicked their buts anyhow, just for good measure ;-)

I think devine has improved. Either that or I got worse ;-)

I wish I got a screenshot of an incredible double-rail-kill ;-)

quite how Ikari got me mid air with a rocket on one occasion I havent
worked out. I'm still studying the klein bottle to work it out...

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