Fairy tales for adults

Peter B. Steiger wypbs001 at bornagain.com
Fri Feb 14 12:43:33 PST 2003

on 12 Feb 2003, Steve Bougerolle sez:
> *I* didn't say the Earth was 6000 years old, because I don't believe
> that.  I doubt anybody else here does, either.

Boy, I leave a thread behind for a few days when there's no activity, and 
come back to find all hell has broken loose.  Uh, metaphorically speaking.

I'll have to jump in on your last statement there to say "I don't know, and 
I don't care."  As you have pointed out numerous times, it's theoretically 
POSSIBLE for an omnipotent creator to have assembled a ready-made universe 
in an existing state with photons in transit from the most remote reaches 
to our own atmosphere over the course of a calendar week - if he can 
arrange entire galaxies and subatomic particles with equal precision, how 
hard could that be?  I don't know how folks went from that to "a god who 
does that is deceiving his people, and therefore evil."  What's deceptive 
about showing people the finished product?  God wrote the specs for how 
fast light travels and how far apart the galaxies are; if he wanted his own 
creation to follow the design specification he would have needed to create 
a preexisting stream of light - otherwise modern astronomers would NOT be 
able to use those characteristics of light to determine astronomical 
distance.  That's not falsification; that's attention to detail.

Likewise that same creator could have started a "big bang" going that took 
billions and billions of years to complete, followed that with a few 
hundred millenia of terraforming and genetic engineering, and referred to 
each phase of development as "one day" because the exact time frame just 
doesn't matter in the cosmic scheme of things.

So I'm willing to accept that either viewpoint is equally possible and 
likely, and neither has any more scientific evidence to support it than 
the other... and I just don't give a flying wormhole one way or the other.

As you stated, nowhere in the Bible does it explicitly state any age or 
timespan at all - UNLESS you (1) interpret the word "day" literally as a 
24-hour period (and what is an hour when there isn't a sun or a planet to 
spin around it?) and (B) use Bishop Ussher's guesstimate of adding up the 
life spans of each generation from Adam to Yeshua ben Yusef.  Although it's 
interesting to note that the Jewish calendar, ostensibly dating from the 
dawn of time, supports that viewpoint - it is now the year 5763.

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY
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