Fairy tales for adults

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> > Failure to prove a theory wrong is only half of the matter. The other
> > half is that a theory privides useful predictions.
> What is useful is a *highly* subjective term.  What may be useful
> to you, may not be useful to another.
Predictions that can be tested via experiment are useful for testing
is a theory is false.

> > Why do you need to make up some beleifs and assign them to me?
> I have not assigned *any* beleifs to you,
--- JD:
This doesn't mean that *you* personally need to believe
in GOD or an inner spirit. But to totally deny it shows that you are
not looking at it scientifically, but only applying your own personal
Where did I totally deny the existance of 'GOD or an inner spirit'?

> > If "in my heart I know it is true", is a valid test for truth, why are
> > you upset that I could belief the ideology you have assigned to me?
> What in the world gave you the idea I was upset?  I have a big smile
> on my face now ; )
Mostly the shear *number* of times YOU used *emphasis* as if YOU were
trying *hard* to explain something so OBVIOUSLY *simple* to an
obstructive child without SHOUTING. ;-)

Perhaps I interpreted the emphasis in that email too strongly?
My first interpretation was that you were intentionally missquoting
me in an attempt to look like you were using my arguments to
support your theories.

Never ascribe malice where incompetance will suffice.
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