BIOS burned by flashing

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> > > I have a laptop which was experiencing problems with the HDD under
> > > windoze, it worked fine under COL. I rang the manufacturers and they
> > > suggested I flash the BIOS ( I would like to point out that I didn't
> > > think this was a good idea and furthermore didn't think it would fix
> > > the problem). I did and now when you press the power button nothing
> > > happens.
> > >
> > > Anyone know of a way to restore the BIOS without getting a new chip?
> >
> > Buy JTAG leads ;-)
> A "what"?
> >
> > But seriously - if the manufacturer told you to do this, point that out
> > to them, and ask (nicely!) for a replacement chip (assuming it is
> > socketed).
> I thought of that, they, as expected, said "you did read the disclamer
> the website before you downloaded the flash didn't you". Which is about
> bloody right. I knew at the time that i shouldn't have bothered. Getting
> of windows would have solved the problem.
> Thanks for the pointers everyone, I will have to have a look round.

The laptop in question has been sitting in it's carry case for around
18months because I had neither the time nore inclination to mess around with
it. I have dusted it off, stripped it down, tried to find the bios chip,
failed, put it back together, turned on the power, nothing happened, put it
to the side of my desk.

Lo and behold after about 2 mins of doing nothing it gave a POST beep and
started booting from the floppy (which I thought I had lost) that was in the
floppy drive. It would now apear that the problem is a lack of video. You
can type away, enter commands etc and things apear to be working ( the
pauses in activity whilst it waits for input for example). I tried to
connect an external monitor but that doesn't work so I was thinking.....

I recall reading something about enabling a console on the serial port, so
my thought was, can I put the HDD in my PC (I have a connection converting
box) and create an "any hardware" LFS that will allow a serial console.
Also, how would one go about connecting into the serial port?

Any ideas?

Gareth Westwood

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