BIOS burned by flashing

Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Thu Feb 13 18:48:04 PST 2003

--- Gareth Westwood
<gareth at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> To the best of my knowledge there is no way to fix
> what I have broken but as
> you guys seem to be "all knowing" (I got confused
> with Rob's balls being on
> the moon, that's one big scrotum..) I though I would
> ask.
> I have a laptop which was experiencing problems with
> the HDD under windoze,
> it worked fine under COL. I rang the manufacturers
> and they suggested I
> flash the BIOS ( I would like to point out that I
> didn't think this was a
> good idea and furthermore didn't think it would fix
> the problem). I did and
> now when you press the power button nothing happens.
> Anyone know of a way to restore the BIOS without
> getting a new chip?


You are hosed, sad to say.  What's more, if your
laptop doesn't support a removable BIOS chip, you will
have to send the whole kit in to be replaced.  even if
you can pull the chip, on a laptop it might be hard to
get to and a real pain.  Most modern BIOSes are not
the replaceable kind.

I hate laptops.  One of the cool features of the newer
PC motherboards is dual BIOS, like on my gigabyte
GA7VRXP.  Even if one is completely hosed, its no big
deal coz you can boot and restore from the other one.

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