Fairy tales for adults

Jochen Schröder jschrod at uni-muenster.de
Thu Feb 13 11:51:18 PST 2003

Wouter Van Hemel wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Ian Molton wrote:
>>Well, more accurately, I wish everyone used scientific reasoning when
>>Its actually demonstrable on MRIs that people with autism / aspergers
>>use the logic bit of the brain for social things, wheras normal people
>>use another part of the brain altogether that is (allegedly) better
>>designed to do the job.
> That's funny. I think I have the exact opposite, in a way. I have a total
> lack of concentration, overempathic and sensitive tendencies, picking up
> nuances in environment and social behavior which make that on an
> examination (for example), I can tell you one guarding assistent-professor
> fancies another, or one is extremely nervous and feels bad about herself;
> who is dominative, and whois rather submissive in social relations; that
> the student two rows further is about to freak out and will probably fail,
> but the one on the other side of the room is having the time of his life.
> What I can't tell you though, is the questions that were asked on the
> examination. Major concentration problems - I can't concentrate on
> anything very long. My first answers are correct; the last ones, I never
> even get to see, let alone solve, given a normal amount of time.
>>(I think its a worse design, as it introduces suspicion and uncertainty
>>into the equation instead of logic :)
> Well, sometimes it's a blessing, because you can almost sense somebody
> else's thoughts and moods, see through them, which makes you good in
> social perspective and in dealing with people and relations; on the other
> hand, the lack of control over thoughts and emotions makes you a manic
> rollercoaster that can't stay on track and concentrate on anything. I'm
> almost always in a state of manic confusion. Perhaps, in a way, the
> opposite of Aspergers? :)
> Maybe I could be diagnosed having something ADD-related or something. Or
> stoned by nature. :)
> Well, things always have a good and a bad side. Rather a bit extreme to
> one side or the other, than a boring mediocrity. :)
Hey I took that personal ;-)


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