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> What is the test of truth used in religion?
> Richard

Billions of people around the world have a sense
of a spirit or inner-self.  From the earliest written history,
man has had a sense of spirit, and has searched for understanding.
There is something in most people of the world that makes them
have this "deeper" feeling of self, of being connected to
something bigger, of having a spirit.  Billions of people around
the world and since the bigging of man, have had an inner feeling
of GOD or god(s) or even just an inner spirit.  *You* might not have
or had this sense, but you cannot discredited it since it is somehting
that has affected an uncountable number of humans.  Yet, in all the
history of science, not one scientist or experiment has been able
to *disprove* that GOD or god(s) exist.  And according to your own
words, this is the ultimate test of a theory.  The theory of a spirit,
GOD or god(s) has withstood the test of time, and has not been disproven
scientifically. This doesn't mean that *you* personally need to believe
in GOD or an inner spirit.  But to totally deny it shows that you are
not looking at it scientifically, but only applying your own personal
beliefs.  I don't understand how someone that calls themself a scientist
can deny the fact that through out time, not one scientist has been able
to disprove GOD, god(s) or spirit.  Can you give me *one* piece of
scientific evidence that disproves that GOD or some form of god or inner
spirit exists?  So far, your arguments have had as much merit as someone
who is trying to convince someone else that santa clause is real.  Your
arguments have not been based on *any* scientific proof, just on your
own personal beliefs.  The burden is on you to disprove that GOD, or
some form of god or even an inner spirit exists.  What *I* think most
religious people use to test religious truth is that inner spirit, that
sense of something more tangible inside themselves.  I only ask two
things of science to prove/disprove to me. 1.  Can science disprove that
GOD (or god(s)) or an inner spirit exists. 2.  Can science give me an
explanation (with tangible scientific proof) of how the mass of the
universe came into being?  Please don't ask me to believe by blind faith
that all the mass that was released from the "big bang" just always
existed.  That is not scientifically viable.

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