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Thu Feb 13 02:31:29 PST 2003

"DJ Lucas" <dj_me at> wrote in message
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> I think
> that the book is missing a good explanation (well missing an
> alltogether).  How would ya'll explain this to a noob, preferably in a
> text book format, or even taken from a text that you have, so I can
> submit a decent bug report with a proposed solution?

Does the book have a nice big table of operator precedence rules or such
like.  Accompnaying this should be a list of which operators are left
associative and those which are right associative.  You should find that
the = (a.k.a. assignment) operator is right associative, meaning that it
is evaluated from right to left.  If your book doesn't include anything
like this then it's time for a different book IMO.


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