Fairy tales for adults

Rainer Peter Feller rainer at maren.desy.de
Wed Feb 12 13:27:29 PST 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Wouter Van Hemel wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Rainer Peter Feller wrote:
> > that's nice about religion, you do believe, not explain :-)
> That's exactly the danger of religion. It is not 'reasonable'. To believe
> in things that are not; to attach importance to un-realistic (as not in
> the immediate reality) and unproven words and dogma's, and treat those as
> reality without questioning, is dangerous.
> I do believe most religions are kind in their most sincere nature. It's
> just the ugliness of human nature - especially the doctrine of those that
> use such a religion for their own advantage or as playground for their own
> insanity - that spoils the theoretic benefit of the basic human values
> present in most religions.

Yup, religion without education (gaining of knolledge beyond the "truth"
of a religion is dangerous!

> I wonder though - why not strip the supernatural from the religion, and
> live solely by its values? Is it too hard to accept life without a
> 'guide' or 'maker'? To just follow yourself?

This is calles ethik AFAIK
the problem is that for most religiones it is not allowed to hesitate the
dogmas. the the religion becomes an end in itself (that is bad!)
how can you renew believe without questioning? (and you could not evolve!)

> I think that feeling of wanting to belong and to follow inherently present
> in human nature, is the major cause of harm and grief in this world. If
> people would learn to think for themselves, a lot of this worlds'
> warmongers, dictators, extremists, racists, fascists, nationalists,
> zealots and corporatists would find themselves stranded without any
> followers to get their boats off of the cliffs and sandbanks of reason.

maybe mankind will sometimes awaken and grow up and derserve the name

> > on the other hand it's "just" a way of life for some people.
> > Not everythinh has to be true or taken literally, its just an
> > interpretation of reality.
> >
> I mind nor care what you believe, we all have our own reality anyway (wow
> you should see mine ;) ), as long as you don't define and force your
> truths upon others, and respect other people and their opinions.

I din't say what I think... it is to dangerous!

> And that's where the trouble starts; people can't stand people with other
> opinions and views.
> This world is too complex for humans. :)

:-( o.k. lests seek a new one :-)

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