Fairy tales for adults (long)

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Björn Lindberg wrote:

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>> > Science cannot be proven, only disproven. No one has been able to
>> > "prove" gravity. It is just that all experimental results indicate
>> > that objects tend to fall when dropped from a height, basically.
>> > Björn
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>> > War on Iraq, expected # of killed Civilians:
>> > Iraq            100
>> > USA             100,000
>> So I couldn't "prove" to you that when a body of water is
>> subjected to temperatures below 32F for a period proportional
>> to the size of the body, that it will freeze?
> No, I don't think you could /prove/ that. How would you do it? By
> freezing water? You could /disprove/ it by performing an experiment
> where the water does not freeze, but how would you /prove/ it?
> (This is apart from the fact that water can exist at sub-zero
> temperatures without freezing.)
>> Science *can* be proven.  It is just that if no one is
>> able to disprove a particular theory, in time it will
>> be accepted as a law of science.
> Science can not be proven. Not like mathematics. You can never prove a
> scientific theory, only fail at disproving it, yielding a more
> probable theory.
> Björn

the big question is would it be *pure* water -0 that would simplify things
the water wuld have to be put in a container that is completely unaffected
by temprature otherwise it wouldnt be a fair test and lets not forget that
the experiment would have to be performed in a vaccum otherwise foreign
particles might affect the freezing temprature ;-)

science is so much fun ;-)

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