Fairy tales for adults

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Wed Feb 12 11:49:07 PST 2003

steveb at creek-and-cowley.com (Steve Bougerolle) writes:

> On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 03:30, Wouter Van Hemel wrote:
> > I just stated I can't do make a logical argument. I just don't know. It's
> > a matter of opinion. Do you find it unreasonable for me to doubt about god?
> I don't know what you do or don't doubt.  One of my points was that it
> would be unreasonable to doubt if God existed unless you had some
> definite idea what you meant by "God".  Depending on what your idea of
> god is, it might or might not be reasonable to doubt.  

This is a good starting point. I think I could then clarify my
position as an atheist. I do not have a definite idea of one or
several gods, therefore I do not doubt it's existence. What I /do/
doubt is the definition of one or several gods as presented in various
religious texts (the Bible and the Koran (how is it spelled in
English?) would be examples), or as presented by religious people I
have met or read about.

I have had to reject each and every definition of (one or several)
god(s) so far on the basis of science. I cannot, of course, rule out
that someone at some point would present a definition that I could
agree with. (Although I suspect that such a definition would be
meningless, and thus of no interest to me.)

Would this make me an agnostic? :-)


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