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Wed Feb 12 05:11:48 PST 2003

Am Mon, 2003-02-10 um 23.00 schrieb Gary:

> Hi,
> Billy, I'm a U.S. citizen and I do think you are out of line with your 
> statement; ' I also resent the implication that the madmen who have seized 
> power in my country represent the thinking of Americans'
> I'll bet your a 'Democrat'. Who seized power in the U.S. ? The Republicans? 
> Who created the mess in the middle east? Resentment will cause more ill 
> feelings than anything else during these trying times. Especially if it is 
> because of the past elections. Our process did work. Sure there were bugs 
> in the system but the process worked.
> I don't want to see a war of any kind. But the problems in the middle east 
> are not going to go away. And we surely don't need division within our 
> ranks.  We should rightfully question our intent rationally. We need to 
> find out what is going on in Irag from a weapon standpoint. The U.N. 
> inspection methods, are not working. Blix is now trying to negotiate, not 
> his job. He should be using the facilities at hand to investigate. If Irag 
> doesn't cooperate, then that's it. Report to the U.N. the final report as 
> being non-cooperative. 
> Which BTW, has been going on since just after the 1991 conflict. See what 
> happened when Saddam was threatened, very co-operative for the first six 
> months. When we did not do anything, look what was done to Kuwait. Once we 
> kicked him out of Kuwait and were on the way to Bagdad. He was willing to 
> give the keys to anything. But when we stopped 100 miles short of the 
> mission (about a days operation). It showed Saddam he wasn't threatened any 
> longer. The song changed back. And has been that way ever since.
> Enough said! 
> -- 
> Regards and Godspeed,
> Gary
> The magic is in the Magician not the wand!

Jesus, you really believe all the crap your politicians and media tell
you? Sure the US are just out fighting for peace and freedom for
everybody in the world. And all the terrorists are just jealous of the
american way of life. Well get real, talk to people in any 3rd world
country what they think about the United States (it's better not to
mention you're american by the way). Then you'll get a picture about way
people actually hate you're country in a big part of the world(I don't
consider myself one of them, although I hate the american foreign
politics). I could mention a lot of examples where dictators and
terrorists were supported by certain US goverment agencies to overthrow
legitimate democratic goverments, somebody mentioned the Taliban Saddam
Hussein, Pinochet also Nicaragua and the Contras come to mind, the
Schah, and many others. If it meant better access to resources or other
strategic gains, the US foreign politics never cared about ethics.
Note: I'm not saying the other western countries are always better.


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