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Tue Feb 11 13:25:23 PST 2003


I'm curious about the use of aclocal.  I've read the info page,
contacted the maintainer, and tried to search the internet.
I'm very confused.

I've learned that aclocal expects all m4 macros to be in
/usr/share/aclocal.  The configure command from GNU autotools
offers the 
argument, but it is not universally supported (or is it?).
aclocal itself has an "-I dir" arguemnt, dir is an additional
directory to search.  However, I don't know how this gets added
to the aclocal command by configure?

Finally, I contacted the maintainer, with a request to add an
aclocal argument that prints out the searched directories.
He replied with, "Why is this important?"  I have no answer,
as of yet.

I have some questions, if anyone can help.
1) What happens if programs put m4 macros in
/usr/local/share/aclocal   (path not searched by default)
2) How do I set the global aclocal directory search path to include
/usr/local/share/aclocal by default.
3) if a program with --prefix=/usr/local fails to use
`aclocal --print-ac-dir` prefix for installing m4 macros,
is this considered a bug? 


Finally, the FHS does not mention an aclocal subdirectory.
If a program can't find the m4 macros, does this hurt anything?

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