Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

James Iwanek chthon at
Tue Feb 11 09:51:29 PST 2003

Rainer Peter Feller wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Ian Molton wrote:
>> Quite. We dont have an ego per-se, but usually a larger sense of pride
>> in what we do (because we only do what we KNOW we can do well). Often,
>> the knowledge that we are REALLY good at something is all we have to
>> hang on to.
> Sounds quite sane! would be a lot easier if more people would do so!
>> When I say 'I am a damn good programmer', I mean it, because I know it
>> is true. I am not posturing, nor attempting to show off. It will have
>> been said in self defense, or to prove a point (like here).
> The threads would be a lot shorter if more peolple would be like that.
>> I /am/ quite proud of my achievements. but I dont presume they somehow
>> make me better than someone who hasnt made them.
> glorious!
>> Even though often we cant express the view well, because either we lack
>> the understanding of communication skills needed, or because we write
>> what we mean, not realising what other people will read into it.
> happens often to me also ...


maybe you are one of us then,
i hereby name you an honary aspie ;-)

you dont get any of the perks tho (except for the reckognition)

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