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Tue Feb 11 09:33:58 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Eric Miller wrote:

> More uneducated dribble.  Ian, I will argue this with
> you if you will show me a single modern conflict where
> the US or her Allies has conducted warfare without a
> corresponding *huge* (and expensive) humanitarian
> effort.  Otherwise, you might as well be writing about


Is the status of "we're number one!" Rogue overcome by generous foreign
aid to given less fortunate countries? The three best aid providers,
measured by the foreign aid percentage of their gross domestic products,
are Denmark (1.01%), Norway (0.91%), and the Netherlands (0.79), The three
worst: USA (0.10%), UK (0.23%), Australia, Portugal, and Austria (all

--> a nice summary of true altruïsm, respect and worldwide cooperation

> Please don not allow your personal distaste for me
> effect your ability to think clearly and discuss factually.

With other words, your government's actions are mostly destructive, and
rarely constructive. More is given to 'defense' (= attack?), death and own
selfish economical benefit than real help to other countries.

You don't have the right to attack another country on the other side of
the world. The fact that it can be considered a development country with
poor and hungry people, and much smaller than your own nationalistic
nation, doesn't improve the public's opinion.

America is considered a bully on the world's playground. We (as in most of
the people I know) thought 11/9, sad as it was, would have shown that to
your government, and make them think about their foreign policies.

Sadly enough, it had quite the opposite reaction. Immediately, you set out
to shoot up some poor farmers in Afghanistan that don't even know where
America's situated on the world map. Why? Most people who knew about 11/9
were killed in the attack itself... And ofcourse, no big Taliban leaders
or Osama Bin Laden could be found. 'War against terrorism'? I fail to see
how this will improve America's status in Arabian/Islamitic countries.
Call me crazy, but if I would be Islamitic, you would just be making an
extremist out of me. You better hope to kill all, or live in fear. Is that
the plan?

And now, suddenly, Irak. Why, how, what? Can't Adolf Bush wait for his
energy-investments to pay off? I hate that stupid facistic monkey-faced
paid-off liar that can only produce nationalistic one-liners and
incoherent babytalk. I don't understand how somebody clearly as stupid and
dangerous as that, can be elected president of one of the most powerful
nations on this planet.

Not Irak but America is the biggest threat to world peace.

My pity to the American people, being screwed by both companies and
government taking their rights away and on top of that, being sent to the
front in a nationalistic frenzy.

So maybe that .sig was politically incorrect. And maybe it was just an
attempt to show how much some of us 'unAmericans' are fed up with
America's egocentric attitude. It's just compensation for all of the
American flags spoiling most of your email-sigs, websites, tv-shows,...

Count them. Then remember that the only eagle that could be seen as many
times, is the eagle in the German nazi-flag.

And you know, I'm not even anti-American. I consider myself neutral. You
might disagree; but don't disregard my opinion. W.O. III is just around
the corner, and I won't have anything to do with it - you will reap as you
have sown.

Just to spite you:

15.02.2003 International demonstration against war
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