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James Iwanek chthon at
Tue Feb 11 04:12:44 PST 2003

Björn Lindberg wrote:

> Gary <gws at> writes:
>> Ian, I am an American, U.S to be correct! We do not think we are in
>> charge. It is just that most of the world wants our $$ support and/or
>> military support whenever something has got to be done! We generally are
>> the first to help,.
> This is not correct. In terms of money, Europe contributes as much as
> the US for 'influencing' the surrounding world. It is just that the
> European money is in terms of non-military support, like humanitarian
> aid, which is not as visible.
>> Even before it is asked.
> Maybe this is what Ian is referring to.

id reckon so - btw in erics defence the americans are right to suspect sadam
of having chemical weapons after all it was the americans that sold the
weapons to iraq ;-)

and lets not forget mcdonalds (who support the ira)
and i do believe that mcdonalds is an american company

in the search for terrorism i think america should start nearer home ;-)

> Björn

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