To gentoo or not to gentoo (subtitled package management)

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Tue Feb 11 02:29:23 PST 2003

jeroencoumans at (Jeroen Coumans) writes:

> Björn Lindberg wrote:
> > Ok, but I'm not completely familiar with the package system to start
> > with. What I'm asking is then, which kind of processes is started by
> > package users? Is it only install related processes, or something
> > else?
> Instead of compiling and installing packages as root, with package
> users you use user accounts. Installation directories are mode 1775
> and group install; every package is in group install. Also, package
> users have no passwords (and are thus not exploitable accounts AFAIK)
> so only root can su to them. Now, with su aliased to nice -n +10 su,
> this makes that each command you execute as a package user has the low
> +10 priority -
> including the compilation of it; which is the whole point. Now,
> compiling mozilla, java, xfree86 or whatever can be done in the
> background and you don't notice anything. (For more info about the
> hint, check out the hint :)
> I also use wrappers for services/daemons which aren't timebased to
> start in a lower priority. Note that you'll really appreciate this in
> combination with the O(1) scheduler and the preemptable kernel.

I see. Thanks for the explanation. So all processes will inherit the
nice value from su? Then it can be used for regular installs as
well. I've never thought of that, but it is a really good idea. I
think I'll try doing that on my next build of one of those huge
builds, like mozilla or KDE.


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