mgetty as voicemail handler

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at
Tue Feb 11 02:08:49 PST 2003

"Peter B. Steiger" <wypbs001 at> writes:

> I went shopping for a program to take messages when I'm not home, and most 
> of the programs I found require KDE or some other GUI interface... except 
> for good ol' vgetty (aka mgetty+voice).  I have used mgetty in the past and 
> will probably go back to it, but it kind of annoys me that I can only run 
> it if I put it in inittab as a respawning process.


> So my questions are:
>   1) Why doesn't it work if I just launch it from the console rather than 
> through inittab?

I can't help you with mgetty specifically, but one thing that struck
me is that you could make two identical runlevels, say 4 and 5, except
for running mgetty in one of them. Then you should be able to easily
turn mgetty on/off simply by switching runlevels. What do you think?


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