Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Rob Park rbpark-NOSPAM at
Mon Feb 10 23:26:08 PST 2003

Alas! Eric Miller spake thus:
> No, you are just not particularly skilled at
> presenting your opinions, and I am honestly just
> trying to clue you in to it.

I think you're digging yourself into a hole here...

> Have you done anything POSITIVE or HELPFUL?

Well, Ian's in the kernel changelogs, for one. He also has a fairly long
history of hanging around on the LFS lists, making the book better, and
just generally being helpful. Have *you* done anything positive or

This is the second time that you've gone against one of the regulars

Rob Park
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A:	Only one, but it takes a long time, and the light bulb has
	to really want to change.
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