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Peter B. Steiger wypbs001 at
Mon Feb 10 21:04:17 PST 2003

on 10 Feb 2003, Ian Molton sez:
> Nah. The Canadians share those properties and generally are quietly
> spoken, polite, and dont believe god created the world in 6 literal days
> 6000 years ago ;-)

Oh?  I would have thought that depends on your religion rather than your 
nationality, eh:

Note that I'm not getting into theological debates here, although I'm glad 
to do so by email; I'm just saying you'll find just as many groups who 
believe all kinds of things from astrology to zoroastrianism up your way as 
south of the border.  Likewise here in cowboy country I have some church 
friends who believe God did the whole thing in six days so he could have 
Sunday night off to watch the X-Files, others who believe God gave it all a 
little shove to start and let Darwin do the rest, and others who believe 
that the position and direction you place your sofa can affect the positive 
energy vibrations in your house (I'm still trying to figure that one out, 
but I'm not making it up).  And these are all _Baptists_ I'm talking 

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY
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