Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Mon Feb 10 17:52:19 PST 2003

--- Rob Park <rbpark-NOSPAM at> wrote:
> Alas! Eric Miller spake thus:
> > Ian, you really should leave the arguing to people
> > like Rob and I who are good at it, or at least
> start a
> > few leagues down before trying the pros.
> I'd like to point out that Eric doesn't really speak
> on my behalf...

Yeah, like you need to do that.  That's like me saying
Maurice Clarett is an excellent running back and him
saying, "well, Eric doesn't speak on my behalf"

We've all *seen* the damage you can do, you are
excellent in the verbal melee.  I only restate the
obvious, that you and I have a propensity and unique
talent for the old have-at-it.

Wanna argue about it?

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