Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Mon Feb 10 16:44:53 PST 2003

> I find that *very* difficult to believe.

Because I disagree with Bjorns sig, that makes me
dishonest?  Ive been on this list for over a year,
(recently switched to yahoo to ease my work email,
still Eric Miller)

Whatever.  Check me out, got no skeletons:
(thats me at the bottom!  Hi everybody!)
emiller at (no www.)

> HOWEVER, as a google for 'etmiller' on newsgroups
> turns up nothing, I
> can only conclude two things: 1) you are telling the
> truth and really
> ARE new to e-communication, or 2) You are good at
> hiding your identity.

Sorry, Ian.  No Farley Benn here.  Just an honest
person from the US who really doesnt like Bjorns sig.

> I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

As civilized people should do one another.  Thanks for
rising to the occaision!

> > I am now duly educated, and Bjorn has my sincere
> > public apologies.
> Good. dont let it happen again.

What, you're my dad now?  Now who's being rude?

> > > His sig is NOT rude. You may not agree with it,
> but
> > > doesnt your country
> > > give you the right to free speach?
> > 
> > Wrong.  His sig is incorrect
> Says you.
> > and is directed at my country.
> It is, yes. no-one else is planning a war with Iraq
> (well, nothing that
> looks likely to happen soon).

Great Britian is nobody?  Wow, I wonder how many of
our British LFS'ers agree with that?

> The sig is a political comment that it is likely
> that the civilian
> casualties in Iraq will be FAR higher than those
> sustained by the US.
> Can you dispute that?

Yes, but its so much easier and entertaining to allow
you to do it below.  Im not the one with the sig!  Are
you saying Bjorn is clairvoyantly gifted in ways that
I am not?  Is he exempt from your time machine
question?  See your rebuttal below to see how at least
one of your statements *has* to be silly.

> > He has been made aware of its incorrectness,
> its *alleged* incorrectness. You cannot claim to
> know ACTUAL casualties
> from a war that hasnt happened, unless you have a
> time-machine.
> a single nuke in a large city would kill easily that
> many, and more. (Im
> not suggesting the USA would nuke iraq, merely
> pointing out that a
> single device is capable of wildly skewing the
> figures). did we get to nukes all of the sudden? 
You think we will need nukes to solve this?  Please
explain this...
> > and been politely asked to stop using it.
> You have no authority to FORCE him to, and, now your
> view is clear, you
> also have no right to badger him until he gives in.
> > He has also been informed politely by four peopl
> now that they
> > find it offensive.
> All US citizens, I note...
> > If that's not rude, what is?
> Refusing to accept someones right to free speech.

We have social rules.  Like you dont post chat
qustions to support, or post a private email in an
argument, or blow smoke in peoples faces, or deficate
in public, or say that Jesus was gay or allah likes
boys, or germans smell bad. 

I respect Bjorns freedom of speech, and hope to see
the same freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of Iraq
soon.  I simply ask that Bjorn realize that his sig is
incorrect and offensive to others, and politely ask
him not to use it here.

I have not used, nor intend to use "FORCE", where that
comes from is a mystery to me.

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