Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Henrik Jacobsson henrik.jacobsson.1245 at
Mon Feb 10 16:09:43 PST 2003

* Eric Miller (etmilleretmiller at wrote:
> I didnt say that his comment wasn't well reasoned.  If
> you read it, he is saying that using "god bless this
> email" and peoples perception/response to that could
> cause problems.  I, like you, am agreeing with him.
> Where we disagree is that Bjorns email is also of this
> genre of "things that cross the line" (extreme
> religious or political statements made in an
> environment that is not suited to such discussion,
> without respect for those who have politely asked that
> it stop)

Sorry for jumping into this discussion uninvited, but I find it quite
interesting.  It seems as the argument is about stripping down ones
opinions into a bland 'least common denominator' in fear of upsetting
someone.  As such an approach would create extremely boring threads I
strongly oppose it.

Just curious about one thing though.  As it seems that the sig:

>War on Iraq, expected # of killed Civilians:
>Iraq            500,000
>USA                   0

is the one that upsets you, would you consider this slightly modified
sig as wrong?

War on Iraq, expected # of killed Civilians:
Iraq                 50
USA                   0

I can assure you that the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends
of those innocent 50 iraqi civilians disagrees with you.

My understanding of this upcoming war-situation is that it boils down to
oil-control, revenge and Mr. Bush trying so avoid internal problems by
uniting the nation against some external threat.

Just my .02 units of local currency.  

Ps. If you consider the latter sig acceptable in lfs-chat, how many
expected civilians does it take until it becomes rude?  
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