Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Ian Molton spyro at
Mon Feb 10 15:50:32 PST 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:30:27 +0000 (UTC)
etmilleretmiller at (Eric Miller) wrote:

> I was (honestly) unaware that this was a breach of
> net-iquette.  I learned my posting style from Rob, for
> whom I am beginning to grow particularly fond.

I find that *very* difficult to believe.

HOWEVER, as a google for 'etmiller' on newsgroups turns up nothing, I
can only conclude two things: 1) you are telling the truth and really
ARE new to e-communication, or 2) You are good at hiding your identity.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

> I am now duly educated, and Bjorn has my sincere
> public apologies.

Good. dont let it happen again.

> > His sig is NOT rude. You may not agree with it, but
> > doesnt your country
> > give you the right to free speach?
> Wrong.  His sig is incorrect

Says you.

> and is directed at my country.

It is, yes. no-one else is planning a war with Iraq (well, nothing that
looks likely to happen soon).

The sig is a political comment that it is likely that the civilian
casualties in Iraq will be FAR higher than those sustained by the US.

Can you dispute that?

(failure to respond to that point at all, will be taken as inability to
dispute it, btw.)

> He has been made aware of its incorrectness,

its *alleged* incorrectness. You cannot claim to know ACTUAL casualties
from a war that hasnt happened, unless you have a time-machine.

a single nuke in a large city would kill easily that many, and more. (Im
not suggesting the USA would nuke iraq, merely pointing out that a
single device is capable of wildly skewing the figures).

> and been politely asked to stop using it.

You have no authority to FORCE him to, and, now your view is clear, you
also have no right to badger him until he gives in.

> He has also been informed politely by four peopl now that they
> find it offensive.

All US citizens, I note...

> If that's not rude, what is?

Refusing to accept someones right to free speech.
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