Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Mon Feb 10 14:27:56 PST 2003

> You DO NOT ever break confidence of a private mail.
> it is rude beyond
> belief.

I was (honestly) unaware that this was a breach of
net-iquette.  I learned my posting style from Rob, for
whom I am beginning to grow particularly fond.

I am now duly educated, and Bjorn has my sincere
public apologies.

> His sig is NOT rude. You may not agree with it, but
> doesnt your country
> give you the right to free speach?

Wrong.  His sig is incorrect and is directed at my
country.  He has been made aware of its incorrectness,
and been politely asked to stop using it.  He has also
been informed politely by four peopl now that they
find it offensive.

If that's not rude, what is?

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