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Mon Feb 10 14:07:09 PST 2003

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> We do not think we are in charge.

But you're government "appears" to think they are...there's a subtle

> It is just that most of the world wants our $$ support and/or military
> support whenever something has got to be done! We generally are the
> to help,. Even before it is asked.

So how does your nation know it is helping if the assistance (and the
form thereof) has not been requested?  I won't mention the amount of
credit the U.S. "appears to" claim for such help as well!

> As for your statement about Israel. It is out of line.  The state of
> was formed based on the declaration on May 14, 1948, by David
> The U.S. Of America accepts the state of Isreal and acknowledges its'
> existance.  We do provide aid to this state. But we also provide aid
to the
> Palestinians.

I've had the belief for a long time that nations like ourselves should
just keep out of issues like the middle-east conflicts.  Unfortunately
our ignorance is not bliss (especially for the innocent civilians of
affected countries).  Caught between a moral rock and a hard place?  I'd
say so.

> So are we fueling the problem or trying to help? It depends on who's
> you are looking from.

I'm sure everyone thinks that they're trying to help...looking back
though it really doesn't look like that ever happens though does it (who
removed the former leader of Iraq, and hence put Saddam Hussein in



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