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Gary gws at
Mon Feb 10 13:36:27 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:

> And if you cant see that the rest of the world is thoroughly sick and
> tired of america thinking its 'in charge', then I think its YOUR
> politics that are uneducated.
> Besides, where was it again that a lot of these middle eastrern
> countries get their weapons? (Yes, I know Britain is guilty too).
> And what of Israel? An American funded and backed nation that does
> nothing but attack its neighbours and steal land.


Ian, I am an American, U.S to be correct! We do not think we are in charge. 
It is just that most of the world wants our $$ support and/or military 
support whenever something has got to be done! We generally are the first 
to help,. Even before it is asked.

As for your statement about Israel. It is out of line.  The state of Isreal 
was formed based on the declaration on May 14, 1948, by David Ben-Gurion.
The U.S. Of America accepts the state of Isreal and acknowledges its' 
existance.  We do provide aid to this state. But we also provide aid to the 

So are we fueling the problem or trying to help? It depends on who's point 
you are looking from. 

As for weapons provided. You should look at the French, Germans and even the 
Russians. Don't point the finger at the U.S as the sole provider. Sure we 
have made some mistakes with the middle east. But what major nation on this 
earth hasn't? Not one super power can say it has not be envolved with the 
middle east in one problem at some time in the past.  Brittain, France, 
Russia (Soviet at the time)and most certainly Germany.

This is a linux forum and I shouldn't go off on a rant. Nothing personal! 
Just my point of view.
Regards and Godspeed,

The magic is in the Magician not the wand!
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