LFS booting problems (again)

James Cozine jmcozine at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 10 03:18:03 PST 2003

Jan Van Belle <Jan.Van_Belle at nospam.alcatel.be> writes:

> On 10 Feb 2003 11:48:11 +0100
> d95-bli at nada.kth.se (Björn Lindberg) wrote:
>> Jan Van Belle <Jan.Van_Belle at nospam.alcatel.be> writes:
>> > > > Any help (PLEEEAASE ?????)
>> > > 
>> > > Run devfsd.  Or, assuming you ran the MAKEDEV script, just don't
>> > > mount devfs (devfs=nomount kernel argument).
>> > 
>> > I included the devfs=mount in the GRUB script. That's true, but
>> > that's because I (always) compile the kernel (so also my LFS one)
>> > with devfs support, mount at boot-time.
>> > 
>> > Is this something FORBIDDEN?? ;-)

No, just experimental ;)

>> I'm no expert on devfs, but it seems to me you either have to change
>> your fstab/bootscript entries to the devfs style device names, OR run
>> devfsd which is a compatibility daemon which will create the old style
>> names for you.


> I'll compile my kernel without devfs support, don't mount it at boot
> time and see what happens then...

You can leave support in the kernel, just don't mount /dev (and make
sure the devices are there.  That's the issue; the bootscripts are
looking for /dev/hd?? which just don't exist.)

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