Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

benjamin laemmle kate23 at
Sun Feb 9 03:50:49 PST 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 11:30:10 -0800 (PST)
Eric Miller <etmilleretmiller at> wrote:

>> First let me say I find that sig offensive as well.
>> It is a little 
>> improper here, especially since the sig is used in
>> all his postings and 
>> not just in lfs-chat. However, though I would like
>> to see it removed, 
>> I'm not very comfortable with the idea of saying he
>> has to remove it. I 
>> just wish he would.
>Well put.  That's pretty much how I feel, none of us
>are in a position to demand anything from the others
>on the list, but we can politely ask Bjorn to put out
>his cigarette.  Whetner he does or not is really up to
>> As for the question of taking it private, I feel
>> lfs-chat is a perfectly 
>> proper place for it. After all it was designed for
>> those inevitable OT 
>> discussions that would otherwise clutter up the lfs
>> specific lists. 
>> Those that don't wish to view this thread can simply
>> delete it.
>Actually, since three people now have expressed thier
>distaste of the sig, I think Bjorn should take one for
>the team and just stop using it, *here only*.  That
>would do nicely to get the thread killed and get us
>back to the space shuttle, hacking Overclockers UK,
>config, make, make install......that sig is just too
>far over the line, and outside the LFS paradigm.  Or,
>maybe I can find out what country Bjorn is from, find
>some hot political topic, generate some sarcastic sig,
>and then insist to use it even though he asks me not
>Bjorn, what country are you from? (Im guessing
>someplace in NW Europe?)

does NW europe mean "noth west " europe or new world europe, at stated by mister doanld rumsfeld:-)
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