The Art of Unix Programming

Andrius Ciziunas andrius at
Sat Feb 8 16:00:05 PST 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003, Richard A Downing wrote:

> James Cozine wrote:
> > andrius at (Andrius Ciziunas) writes:
> >
> >> And is Shakespearean proper English?  Not according to Chaucer.:)
> >
> > According to Chaucer, French was better :p
> >
> > -jc
> d'accord.  The French girls have a certain something too...

	Sounds to me like someone's married to a French girl;>...


P.S.  I like this thread MUCH more than the war on Iraq....I have my own
opinion on that, but it seems like that's just WAY too big a landmine to
step on.  But, I say, let sigfiles be sigfiles....Speaking of which, see

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