KT133 motherboard and new CPU

torsten torsten at inetw.net
Sat Feb 8 13:57:14 PST 2003

On Sat the 08 Feb 2003 at 13 hours EST
MR wrote...
>On Saturday 08 February 2003 01:45 pm, you wrote:
>> I have a gigabyte motherboard with a KT133 chipset.  The board has a old
>> and slow 600 MHZ AMD Duron.  There are times when I get enough stuff
>> going that mpg123 skips music, so I was thinking about upgrading.  I
>> already have added a promise ATA 133 controller board thinking that
>> would help with Hard Disk throughput.  The machine has 192 MB of ram and
>> has plenty of free memory, I don't run X on this particular machine.  Its
>> main use is a music server, file server, CD-Rom Burner, and print server.
>> Do you think a new CPU would help? Would it allow me to burn CD's and
>> play music at the same time with no skipping?  If I upgrade the CPU I
>> was looking at 1 GHZ Duron (which is the fastest processor this board
>> supports according to the manual) but on Price watch they had AMD Duron's
>> listed with FSB of 200 MHZ while my FSB is 133 MHZ will the processor
>> still work?
>> I guess I could get a new motherboard, it would be nice to have USB 2.0
>> since my backup device is an external USB hard drive. Thanks for the
>> help.
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>I'm not sure (so don't quote me on this) but I don't think the fact that the 
>FSB on the chip says 200Mhz is a problem. I think that you should be able to 
>stick that 1Ghz Duron on that board, and it should work. IIRC, the 200Mhz is 
>the max FSB speed that chip will be able to handle.

I don't think so.  The chip clock is hardwired in ratio with the bus

The 1Ghz Duron will no longer be running 1Ghz.

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