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Sat Feb 8 13:23:21 PST 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003, Matthew Burgess wrote:

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> > Alas! Andrius Ciziunas spake thus:
> > > to be different from the British
> >
> > You can blame a lot of things on that, like the voltage and frequency
> of
> > the electricity, to the side of the road you drive on ;)
> Add to that our wonderfully easy spelling rules (colour, favour,
> organisation - note the s not a z) and pronunciation, that letter is  a
> "zed" not a "zee".  Oh, and what the hell is up with "aloominum"
> (aluminium)?  It's got another i in there which makes it
> al-oo-min-ee-um.  All meant entirely in jest, merely pointing out the
> differences in culture :)

	lol.....Anyone seen 'My Fair Lady'?:)....And as for the
Americans, they haven't spoken English in years...  Or something like
that:)...Note: that's a paraphrase, not a quote;).

	Actually, to be totally correct, I'm not sure most Englishmen
speak proper English, either.  The closest thing I've come to
Shakespearean English, is Appalachian, but that's only if the people
you're speaking with don't have MTV.:)

	And is Shakespearean proper English?  Not according to Chaucer.:)


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