Someone is Saddam's Girlfriend (Was Re: The Art of Unix Programming)

Eric Miller etmilleretmiller at
Sat Feb 8 13:12:45 PST 2003

--- Rob Park <rbpark-NOSPAM at> wrote:
> Alas! Eric Miller spake thus:
> > Where does it say 500,000 will be killed?  You
> just
> > suceeded in proving that Bjorns sig is not only
> > incorrect, but intentionally deceptive.

what?  :)

He said half a million killed!  Not half a million
people with stomach cramps or heat exhaustion or
skinned knees.  He's making it sound like we are out
to kill civilians!   THATS f'n CRAZY ROB!!!!  Let
somebody fly a passenger jet or two into a building in
downtown Alberta and then see if you're still as
receptive to this crap.  All I'm asking is that we get
back to discussing "whatever" on lfs-chat without any
offensive sigs about pedophilia, killing innocent
people, animal sex, and the Catholic church.  SOME
THINGS CROSS THE LINE, and you know that Bjorn's
repetitive hammering of that post and refusal to stop
when asked politely CROSSES THE LINE.

> The signature is a _hyperbole_ intended to point out
> that the USA's war
> on Iraq is going to produce more civilian casualties
> in Iraq than in the
> US! It's meant to be a provocative way of saying
> "War on Iraq == Bad"

Provacative it is indeed.  I am well provoked.

> Now would you just drop it already?

Probably very soon.  Especially if I have to lock
horns with you again. ;)

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