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Fri Feb 7 18:17:31 PST 2003

etmilleretmiller at (Eric Miller) writes:

> > -- 
> > War on Iraq, expected # of killed Civilians:
> > Iraq            500,000
> > USA                   0
> > -- 
> And the 3,100 people that died on Sept. 11th don't
> count when they died at the hands of terrorists funded
> and supported by Iraq?  

I never said that.

> What about the 50,000-100,000 Kurds who were drafted
> into the Iranian and Iraqi armies and forced to fight
> each other in the Iran-Iraq War in the 80's?  Just
> because they arent american means they don't count as
> killed Civilians?

I never said that either.

> What about the over 5000 who died in the city of
> Halabja in South Kurdistan by Iraq government’s
> military chemical bombing campaigns against innocent
> Kurdish in 1988?

What about it? I don't understand what you are getting at.

> why don't you save your uneducated politics for
> newgroups that traffic in that sort of stuff.  This is
> a linux newsgroup and that tag is offensive.

Uneducated? Because I'm opposed to a war? I have my very well informed
reasons to be very much opposed to a war against Iraq. I won't go into
them here, since that would surely start a huge thread which most
group participiants are uninterested in. We can continue this
discussion by email if you would like.

My .sig is only meant to display my aversion to a potential war, and
maybe to imply that waging a war is "cheap" for Bush in the sense that
all the dead innocent people that will follow will mainly be Iraqi
civilians. The figure is based on a UN report BTW. That is not to
mention the millions of Iraqis that would be in dire need for
emergency food & supplies to survive.

Many very well educated persons share my view on this, so there is no
need to insult me.

As an aside, it is not uncommon to have "off-topic" signatures. In
particular, political ones are not uncommon even on this list. Feel
free to express your viewpoints with a pro-war signature if you
like. If you cannot more clearly express why you find my signature
offensive, I do not intend remove it.


War on Iraq, expected # of killed Civilians:
Iraq            500,000
USA                   0
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