Opinion about programming wizards

Billy O'Connor billyoc at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 7 13:10:58 PST 2003

gerard at linuxfromscratch.org (Gerard Beekmans) writes:

> On February 7, 2003 01:53 pm, Billy O'Connor wrote:
>> I always saw it the other way, the wizards keep new developers from
>> learning by creating the code.  And the generated code from the
> I wasn't clear in my terminology. I wasn't refering to newbie programmers who 
> don't know what a variable and what "int var = 0;" means. I meant to refer to 
> programmers who are new in a certain area. Say, it's your first attemp to 
> access databases. You know some programming already but you just need to see 
> some specific ideas how to access a database. I believe a wizard's output 
> could give you some ideas.
> I'm not saying there aren't better ways of getting ideas. Google is a good 
> friend. I'm just trying to find good points in wizards. I am reaching far 
> though ;)

Good points, sure.  Prototyping.  That's the RAD tool's primary
use to me, the only real use I've ever seen for them.  Most of the
large projects I've worked on used RAD tools for the initial "throw
away" version of the system, but weren't used after that.  The
maintenance phase of the software life cycle is made impossible with
the use of these tools from what I've seen.  Most software spends the
majority of it's life in the maintenance stage, as well.

They may be of some use as you said, to get an idea how to connect to
a database, or how to create gui widgets, etc.

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