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> On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 17:54, Matthew Burgess wrote:
> > Oh well, it looks as
> > if the budget may be tighter than they thought anyway and I know who
> > will be first out the door if they need to make some cutbacks - I'm
> > glad I'm not in that position (yet).
> The only answer to that problem is to be in business for yourself, but
> that's far from easy also.  I can testify to that personally...

I'd considered it, but with the IT market in general being so glum I
don't think it's particularly conducive to a new business startup.  Plus
I've not really given any thought to market needs, and trying to fit the
market to a product is not the right way to go about things!  Add to
this getting funding for it all, I'd rather just let someone else deal
with the "bigger picture" for the moment at least until things start to
pick up, if they will - following certain threads on
it seems as if the US government is doing all it can to drive IT
projects overseas, or allowing too many H1-B holders to take the jobs
away from an already burgeoning IT unemployment pool.  No doubt the UK
will follow suit as it's all we ever seem to do..."the big ol' US of A
have done it so it must be right" seems to be the mentality of
government/business leaders over here - well it saves them having to
think for themselves I suppose :(



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