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At around Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 04:00:43PM -0700, Rob Park constructed the following notation:
> Alas! Jonathan Wright spake thus:
> > i'd totally agree with that! :) They teach you everything that you
> > didn't really want to know and will most likly never be of any use, and
> > fuck all that means anything in the real world!!!! :'(
> > 
> > Thank god i've been going computers for a long long time before this! :)
> Actually, I blame my boredom on my extensive previous exposure to
> computers. Some of my classmates had never seen a line of code in their
> life when they first took Computer Science, and they were truly
> fascinated and intruiged by the concepts being taught (OO, recursion,
> etc). I, on the other hand, had been programming for about 6 years when
> I took my CS course, and aside from the fact that it was in Java (which
> I'd never seen before), I still knew all the concepts, learned nothing
> of practical value, and skipped most of the classes (and still got 80%
> on the final, but now I'm just bragging).

But, the one thing that i find interesting is that everything i've
learnt outside the course is the stuff i put into use when i do odd jobs
for people (i do tech support and maintaence for a small company, i used
to do a web site, and i also did alot of tutoring).

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