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Thus spoke Kristian Benoit (softchill at
> If I want to code/design protocols, code/design kernels, code/design 
> drivers, artificial intelligence... work on that kind of low level stuff. 
> I'd like to have a cybernetics course and neural networks too. Should I 
> study in engeneering or computer science ???
Traditionally Computer Science is the field to go into if you want to code
and Computer Engineering is the field for designing and building hardware.
Many schools have been blurring the lines between the two fields.  At my
school you can be CEG (computer engineering) major with a minor in CS.  The 
Operating Systems, Networking, and Computer Architecture classes are all CEG
classes but are still required for CS majors.  CEG people have classes that
CS people would not take like VLSI design (for microprocessors). Generally
the following topics are for CS majors Formal Languages, Compiler Design, AI, 
Neural Networks, and Data Structures. Lots of people get CEG degrees because
of the word "Engineering" but still do Computer Science.  At my school
CEG majors take more math and physics classes.  My advice is to find a 
program that can offer the classes you want, don't worry if they call it 
CEG or CS.  Look at accreditation of the program and how many full time 
Profs they have VS adjuncts. Talk to the students and see what they
think about CEG vs CS.  Maybe you could do both.  Good luck.

More Information on CS VS CEG

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