Validate SMP?

torsten torsten at
Thu Feb 6 19:12:25 PST 2003

On Thu the 06 Feb 2003 at 18 hours EST
EM wrote...
>I have SMP enabled in my kernel config, but how can I
>tell if the system is taking advantage of SMP?  is
>there a cat /proc/tellmeifmyshitsworking or soemthing
>like that?
>Are there any SMP tools (packages with SMP commands)

Reboot.  If there are two penguins, there are two procs.

But more seriously, you can make the kernel tree.  I
once had a dual-1333Mhz Athlon setup, and adding the 
second processor sped up make times by about 80%.

time make -j3 bzImage

the -j option specifies the number of compile jobs to
run simultaneously, 3 is a good number for two procs - it
makes sure that there is at least one gcc per proc.

the time command tells you the total time 
(user, system, total) for the make.  Compare
times for one, two procs (may require recompiling the
kernel for uniprocessor).

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