GCC 3.2.2

Tushar Teredesai tushar at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 6 17:45:40 PST 2003

torsten wrote:

>Your description matches exactly how I do it.  All programs think they
>are sitting in the
>normal tree.  I only compile with --prefix=/usr or --prefix=/usr/local.
>There are two effective ways to compile programs like this, and put them
>in their subdirectories.  You mentioned one.
>The second method is for programs that don't have DESTDIR, or don't
>honor it.  After I install a program, I diff the filesystem to find out
>where it put things.  This is not really necessary, but it helps me
>catch stray files.  I then cd to the package-sources directory, and do:
>epkg -r *
>and that will remove every packaged program from my system.  I package
>everything, right down to gcc and glibc.  It also rmdir's all
>the unused directories.  Now, I have a filesystem which contains only
>the contents of one program.  I simply move the filesystem to the
>appropriate package subdirectory, then issue
>epkg -b
>and that will relink everything back in place - it also handles creation
>of all necessary directories.  Now I have my filesystem back up, with
>just-installed program linked in.
Check out the Gentoo build files and Redhat Source RPMs. Both these 
pkg-managers install into a tree in a different directory and then move 
it over to the actual locations. It may be easier than your approach.

Tushar Teredesai

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