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Thu Feb 6 16:34:03 PST 2003

eocnex at (Rob Park) writes:

> Alas! Björn Lindberg spake thus:
> > Ah yes, I should mention that I started my studies in 1997, which was
> > before Java became really widespread on my university. My introductory
> > CS course was using Scheme (a Lisp dialect) and C.
> Had I been a first year CS student two years ago, I'd be learning the
> joys of programming in Pascal.

Yuck. Here, I think Pascal was the standard intro language för the
non-CS programmes, but the CS programme used C and Scheme. (We had
"Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" as a course book,
which is the the one they use in the intro course at MIT.)

> > I have a distinct feeling that the level of my education has
> > deteriorated somewhat during more recent years. For one thing they
> > have started using Java a lot more in several courses. At least we
> > have a proper UNIX environment though. All the main computer labs have
> > Sun/Solaris boxes, only a few smaller ones have Windows and Mac boxes.
> Well, from what I can tell, all 2nd year (and up) courses are on either
> Solaris, or FreeBSD.

So things will get better. :-)

> But for now, I get to suffer in what are openly referred to as the "Labs
> of the Damned", fight^H^H^H^H^Hlearning Java with CodeWarrior, on
> WinDOS...

You have my sympathies...


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