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Thu Feb 6 16:00:38 PST 2003

Florian teply <onlinefloh at> writes:

> > I took my CS course, and aside from the fact that it was in Java (which
> > I'd never seen before), I still knew all the concepts, learned nothing
> > of practical value, and skipped most of the classes (and still got 80%
> > on the final, but now I'm just bragging).
> > So, yeah. Maybe I should've been a physics major, I'd certainly have
> > learned more.
> >
> So you discovered this fact also... and i feared i´m the only one
> treated to do this
> J*** in cs course. I´m still trying to get around Java by calling some
> simple asm modules to get things done... and so i can say Java could
> be really fast (with routines programmed in asm... ) I don´t know
> exactly what Java means, but i translated it to Jerry-built
> Application for Vicious Algorithms ;-))

Ah yes, I should mention that I started my studies in 1997, which was
before Java became really widespread on my university. My introductory
CS course was using Scheme (a Lisp dialect) and C. I have a distinct
feeling that the level of my education has deteriorated somewhat
during more recent years. For one thing they have started using Java a
lot more in several courses. At least we have a proper UNIX
environment though. All the main computer labs have Sun/Solaris boxes,
only a few smaller ones have Windows and Mac boxes.


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