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James Iwanek chthon at
Thu Feb 6 10:51:39 PST 2003

John Nielsen wrote:

>> >> its not like its a disease its a way of thinking - ant there's nothing
>> >> wrong with that.
>> >
>> > More a different (but valid!) rewiring of the brain, but yes,
>> > ultimately a different way of thinking.
>> semantics, semantics ;-)
> Yes indeed... I allso have aspergers and i actueally find it advantageous
> to see the world in black and white because it simplifies complex social
> matters tremendously. When other people get confused by grey zones, i can
> usually see past that and i often understand better than everybody else.
>> > I wouldnt change, despite the fact it causes me immense difficulties
>> > socially. I just wouldnt be me...
>> i dont seem to have much problem socially btw - but then again
>> circumstances dictate ;-)
> Me neither except for the fact that i often prefer to stay alone. When i
> do go out with people i dont have many problems, but this is probably
> mostely due to the fact that my girlfriend is _very_ not autistic at all.
> :-) She has taught me so much...
>> and good on ya mate!
>> lets start a new thread on the "causes" of AS ;-)
>> ian - you may do the honours
>> any AS lurkers - feel free to join in
> AS lurker #1 signing on :-)

welcome to the party!


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