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John Nielsen knoglen at
Thu Feb 6 10:10:01 PST 2003

> Socially meaning more than just my (2) physical friends and (n) virtual
> ones... (hmm. I wonder if I can page friends in and out? hehe)

I have 3 friends. They seem to somehow be imume to my syndrome... lol.... 
Unfortunately i now live in france with my girlfriend and they are in 
denmark, so now i have to start over, but what the hell... :-)

> Its part of the reason I cant hold a job (workplace social systems are
> too complex. I can figure them out but Im too slow and it lands me in
> trouble.
> And some people have 'autidar'. 'muggles' (normals) seem to have a radar
> that can pick me out from a mile off (even before my hair got long).

Hmm... i never seemed to have that problem fortunately... Maybe it is partly 
because i allways keep it secret that i am an aspie. When i tell people about 
my syndrome, they tend to treat me as if i am deficient somehow.

> > lets start a new thread on the "causes" of AS ;-)
> > ian - you may do the honours
> LOL. I think you just did...
> Cause #1: linux... er. :)
> > any AS lurkers - feel free to join in
> It'd be nice to know how many of us there are (I'd wager at least 10
> here, lurking)

I dont think there are that many here since this is a small list.... less than 
200 subscribers as far as i recall. It would be great though :-)

> > if we get 10 people other than ian & me - i wanna petition gerard to
> > start lfs.aspie - the lfs group for AS ;-)
> >
> > Up the REVOLUTION!! ;-)
> LOL :)


John Nielsen
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