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Thu Feb 6 05:09:47 PST 2003

archaic wrote:

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>> perhaps we even have some fabrics that could be affixed
>> somehow. or a heat-resistant foam that could be sprayed
>> into the damaged area.
> They already use foam.
> They cannot predict everything.
> They cannot fix everything until they know it's broke.
> They cannot avoid everything.
> Sometimes people die.
> Look at medicine. Animals are used for testing, but when they presume a
> relatively low-risk for human testing, they go for it. Still people die.
> They can't fix your Aspergers, they can't fix cancer, they can't fix a
> cold. Technology is as far behind as it is ahead.

what makes you think that we want our aspergers "fixed"?
its not like its a disease its a way of thinking - ant there's nothing wrong
with that.

Jay (AS and proud of it!)
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