LFS on PII 233 with no fan in heatsink

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Wed Feb 5 15:07:18 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 21:26:27 +0000 (UTC)
alangrimes at starpower.net (Alan Grimes) wrote:

> An Ideal chip would be a PC version of the 21364! It could be produced

Nonesense. theres no way a 21364 could be adapted to run X86 code
natively without stupendous design compromises. The advantage would be
> for the price of a P3 and would utterly 0wn the benchmarks... 

The best chip in the world would dissipate a negative ammount of power
and run fast enough to simulate 5 universes in real time. Of course, its
impossible too (yet!)

> Currently the best power-saving CPU is the VIA C3 which is a
> combination of the IDT winchip and the old Cyrix M3 cpu... 


Stop thinking X86 *please*.

compared to an ARM the VIA C3 is a greedy power sucking monster.

My PDA runs for *hours* (about 3 days on standby, 2 days always on but
with backlighting disable set at 30 seconds inactive, and about 5 hours
tops playing mp3s.)

it has a 1100mA hour battery that is about 4 x 3 x 0.5cm.

by comparison, a P400 laptop (equivalent MHz), uses about 5-9 AMP (not
milliamp) hour batteries, and lasts for about 2 hours tops, sitting

I know the P-400 isnt a C3, but the C3 is still X86 class in terms of
power consuimption, even if it is at the lower end.

So, 24 hours normal use, compared to 2 hours sitting in HDD-off mode.

My dad has a desktop machine with an ARM CPU in it (so do I, but mines
15 years old). it runs at 600MHz, consuming LESS than 1Watt of power.

My daughters A7000+ has an ARM7500FE in it at 56MHz. it uses so little
power that it continues running *5 seconds* after the power is removed.

Even my old A410 uses a fraction of a watt, and its 15 year old CMOS
technology. And thats *including* the floating point accelerator I just
added to it.

In fact, the A410 is now *just* capable of decoding MP3s in real time
(albeit 11kHz stereo, not 44kHz).

X86 has a LOT to answer for. its shit, and will NEVER EVER be low power.

I could fit nearly 100 strongARM CPU cores onto the die of a P-IV. thats
100*300MHz of CPU grunt, or, in marketing terms, 30GHz of CPU grunt.
It'd be a fantastic project.
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